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Mar. 18/04/2017 14:00 Andromede, Bâtiment 11, Etage 3

The local interstellar medium as seen by Cosmic Rays


As Cosmic rays smoothly permeate the interstellar medium, the gamma radiation they spawn by interacting with the interstellar gas can be used to trace the total gas in its different forms and to reveal the gas mass in the dark interface between the atomic and molecular phases. In combination with other ISM tracers as the dust optical depth, the stellar reddening caused by dust, and the emission lines of HI atoms and CO molecules, the gamma-ray emission helps to study the properties of the gas phases (Xco factor, dark gas fraction, HI-H2 transition threshold...) and the dust grains evolution from diffuse to dense molecular clouds. In particular I will present the results of a study of the local anticenter clouds (Taurus-Auriga, Perseus and California) based on Fermi-LAT and Planck data.

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