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Jeu. 20/04/2017 11:00 Petite Salle du L2C, Bâtiment 13, Etage 1 (à confirmer)

SCOTT Pat (Imperial College London)
Ultracompact minihalos and small-scale cosmology

(LUPM/Interactions fondamentales, Astroparticules et Cosmologie)


High-amplitude over-densities in the early Universe are expected to gravitationally collapse shortly after matter-radiation equality, triggering the formation of ultracompact minihalos of dark matter (UCMHs). Because the mass of a UCMH is directly linked to the scale of the density perturbation from which it formed, UCMHs turn out to be very clean (and sensitive) probes of early-time, small-scale cosmology. I will describe our current understanding of UCMH structure and formation, the present and forthcoming limits on their abundance from gamma-rays, pulsar timing and astrometric microlensing, and the resulting implications for the primordial power spectrum of perturbations, non-Gaussianities, cosmic strings and inflation.

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