- Remarkable signals of $t_R$ compositeness arxiv link

Auteur(s): Gounaris G. j., Renard F. M.

(Document sans référence bibliographique) 2017-01-13

Ref HAL: hal-01437322_v1
Ref Arxiv: 1611.02426
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We are looking for remarkable differences between predictions of the standard model and those of $t_R$ compositeness (while the $t_L$ remains elementary) in various basic $t\bar t$ production processes, without having to make difficult final polarization analyses. We assume the presence of $q^2$ dependent form factors which first suppress the $t_R$ contributions at high $q^2$, and in addition, may also lead to an effective $q^2$ dependent top mass. We further assume that these effects disappear at low $q^2$ so that there are no anomalous couplings. We show that large specific differences indeed appear in the high energy limits of cross sections and asymmetries in $e^-e^+$, gluon+gluon, $\gamma\gamma$ collisions and other fusion processes and that this should lead to a strategy for analyzing them.

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